Who is this bozo, anyway?

Pictured: A very accurate diagram of Eve

Hi! For those that weren't aware, this is FrivolousAqua's site. Call me Aqua, Eve, whatever. Call me dumb at that.

If it wasn't obvious at first, I like to make art! I'm currently planning to go to university to study up on game design so I can make my dumbest dreams a reality. The amount of OC work I have kind of just shows how much my mind tends to wander; I do really wish to make those characters into some sort of game one day.

I'm currently in a relationship with SilverVortex! Please go support him. He deserves it. (More so than me.)


What do you do?

I do stuff. That's about it.

Do you take commissions?

I've been planning on opening commissions for a while now. I haven't had much of a drive to do it, though. It's just not something that's actively on my mind; I'm usually focused on my own works rather than others.

So, in short, maybe one day!

How can I contact you?

I'm most active on Discord for the most part! Find me at FrivolousAqua#6371.

If THAT doesn't work (and don't be surprised if it doesn't; I'm hestitant about accepting friend requests from randoms), then your next bet is my Twitter handle. My DMs are open there.